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Ed Wolf

(the blog formerly known as “speedo sub”) Alter ego of a 40-something sub exploring a sub/dom relationship in and out of the playroom as a practice for mastering my raging ego, and blogging about my experience of submitting to my Alpha Dom husband 24/7. i have a bunch of fetishes… but Speedos were my first love. These days you're as likely to find me in leather, a jock (or a leather jock…) i’m a career cocksucker and eager boot worshipper, given the chance. i enjoy restraint, respect a firm but fair hand, and like to have my boundaries pushed; i’m learning to love flogging, CP and foot worship. i read a lot of stuff on here that feels toxic about subs and their worthlessness. my Alpha and i don't think it's helpful: consent and respect are important – as is your mental health. If you’re a sub, you are worthwhile and should respect yourself. Don’t allow anyone to make you less than that. i'll post about my experiences and the sub's perspective, as i continue on my journey with my Alpha Male. i hope you'll enjoy it, and i'm open to hearing from anyone who wants to discuss. Sir and i are monogamous (10 years so far) but we're open to the possibility of starting a small stable – if the right boy/s came along… “Wolf”: Lean, muscular, semi-hairy, sexually aggressive (WARNING: May have Daddy Issues. pronouns: i/he/his. Pics are all reblogs, or reposted from Tumblr.)

This blog contains adult content and you're only seeing a review of it. In order to view it completely, please log in or register and confirm you are 18 years or older

I want that lesson, too. I don't need lessons, but I want them!

I think I just found my slave for tonight.

There will be more than a thumb up Big Boy tonight!

I bought Sir one of these for Christmas. He’s yet to use it on me, but this makes me hard.




Finally got around to it - after many requests. Here is some more insight into the Spike Bridle.

It’s home made - never seen anything like it for sale… Maybe a business opportunity for someone ;).

1- Go to the grocery and look at all of the bottle tops in the drinks fridge. Find ones where there is a very spiky ring under the cap - often the glass bottle cokes have good ones etc. Remove the cap ring.

2- Find a second ring - I like these ones with sharp square fittings. They are great for the coronal ridge part of boy’s cock head.

3- Find a way to neatly tape / connect them together about a half inch apart - with as few ‘connectors’ as possible. I do one on either side. This leaves more spikes exposed, which is the whole ‘point’. Make the connection as stiff as possible - it shouldnt twist or flex.

5- Wait til boy is flaccid and move quickly. Squeeze his cock head through the first ring (square side if u have one)until it is right under his coronal ridge. The second ring will be pinching and spiking boy’s cock head as you are doing this. Keep working it until it looks neat.

6- Carefully move his cock head forward until it is firmly pressed into the second spike ring. If the head is not firmly spiked the whole time, you have spaced the rings too far apart.

As he gets hard, the spikes will dig in more, making it harder to adjust and move. This is good. Boy will squeal and complain. Enjoy.

7- Get one or more metal chains - you will connect them to the bottom ring once it’s installed on your boy.

I like using two - I’ve on either side. This gives a lot more options….

8- fasten your boy to something interesting and watch him squirm.

9- go make one now!

10- send me pics of your boy fastened by his cock head!

I’m so going to make one of these and ask my next Dom to arrange me as per the bottom image ;-)

Some men should never wear clothes.